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Poster Presenters

No. Abstract Title Authors
1 Impact of vegetable fat on the sensory and physicochemical quality characteristics of chevon sausage Cyril John A. Domingo, Kristel June Sartagoda, Novie Joy C. Catandijan, Noraisa K. Yasin
2 Nutritional Composition of Selected Maize (Zea mays L.) Germplasm Collections for Maize Biofortification Jerry Sanguillosa, Antonio Lalusin, Eureka Teresa Ocampo, Jose Hernandez, Glenn Gregorio, Tonette Laude
3 Evaluation of poly(L-lactic acid) (PLLA) rapid indicator film on deterioration degree of Refined, Bleached and Deodorised Malaysian Tenera Palm Olein oil (RBDPO) during long-term repetitive deep-fat frying Saiful Irwan Zubairi, Ili Afiqa Ab Kadir, Zainun Nurzahim
4 Proximate Composition and Functional Properties of Sabah Commercial Rice and Its Flour Hasmadi MAMAT, Tham Zi Wei, Ahmad Hazim Abdul Aziz 
5 Development of Herbal tea using different plants and its antioxidant capacity test Chithdavone Her, Toum Lathsamee, Chanthanom Manithip, Sounantha Souvanlasy, Sompong Inthalath, Maithene Xayyathong, Bounmy Manyvong
6 Quantification of Piperine in Piper nigrum L Extract using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Sysay Palamy, Sounantha Souvanlasy, Chanthanom Manithip ,
Somded Latsavong , Southan Insoulivong , Eric Deharo , Philip Schmidt, Souphutta  Manyvanh , Anna Hanlotsomphou ,  Champa Manyvong
7 Nutritional Status among Student Adolescents in Vientiane Capital 2022 Somphone Soukhavong, Hongkham Xayavong, Thidalat Phanthavong, Latsamy Siengsounthone, Paola Mattey Mora, Carmen Tekwe 
8 Developing a Novel Detection Method for Butyrates, a Medicinal Food to Improve Gut Health Foo Win Sern and Peter Peng Foo Lee
9 Detection of Heavy Metal Contamination in Organic Vegetables from Markets and Vegetation Sites in Vientiane Capital, Laos. Sysay Palamy, Somded Latsavong , Southan Insoulivong ,  Eric Deharo 
10 Evaluation of Physico-chemical Properties, Total Phenolic Content, Antioxidant Capacity and Acute Oral Toxicity of Bignay [Antidesma bunius (L.) Spreng.] Wine Aged from Philippines' Wooden Barrels Kim Wilmer M. Balagot, Kimberly M. Delica, Caezar A. Cuaresma, Melvie C. Emprese, Ma. Jenny Q. Canizares, Neil C. Tanquilut
11 An investigation into nutrition and the status of implementing a nutrition improvement plan for school-age children in a cross-border region of Dehong, Yunnan province Souchinda Thilaphong, Yin Jianzhong, Chanthanom Manithip, Sounantha Souvanlasy, Viengkeo Souliyasack 
12 Chemical profiling and antioxidant compounds from Phanera laotica though a metabolomic approach Chiobouaphong Phakeovilay. Toum Lathsamee. Phetdalyvone Khounnorath. Souphaphone Sorsavanh. Sounantha Souvanlasy. Guilluame Marti.
13 Validation of RP-HPLC method for Determination of Sibutramine as Adulterants in Weight Loss Dietary Supplements Sounantha Souvanlasy. Sysay Palamy. Chanthanom Manithip. Somded Latsavong. Southan Inthavong. Eric Deharo. Souphutta Manyvanh. Anna Hanlotsomphou. Champa Manyvong
14 Carotenoids, flavonoids, phenolics, and free radical scavenging activity of probiotic beverage from papaya (Carica papaya) fermented with lactobacillus strains Jeng-Jung SHYR, Yen-Hsien CHEN, Bo-Zhi YOU
15 Balut: its egg-cellent potential as a superfood Elizabeth H. Arenas, Diane M. Sarmiento , Joanna Mari L. Freo  
16 Effects of Mixed Emulsifier Tween20 and Span20 on the Physicochemical Properties and the Stability of Mulberry Leaf Extract – Red Palm Olein (MLE-RPO) Emulsion Han Hong Teo, WAW Mustapha, Pei Ling Tang
17 Sensory Acceptability of Calbano (Calamansi-Guyabano): Ready to Drink (RTD) Fruit Juice Lynlyn Bawagan, Vee Larise Bali, Jeanny Cammagay
18 Exploring the Preservation and Modernisation of Chilled Pre-packed Umai: Sarawak Traditional Raw Fish Delicacy Hun-Pin CHUA, Daniel NICHOLAS
19 Impact of Roasting Temperature on the Dietary Fiber Content of Cocoa Bean Shell Argel A. LARGADO, Jessa G. GISULGA, John Joseph C. MENIA, Romel M. FELISMINO, Katherine Ann T. CASTILLO-ISRAEL and Sheba Mae M. DUQUE
20 Chemical Composition and Nutritional Profiling of Cocoa Bean Shell John Joseph C. MENIA, Argel A. LARGADO, Jessa G. GISULGA, Romel M. FELISMINO, Katherine Ann T. CASTILLO-ISRAEL and Sheba Mae M. DUQUE 
21 Antibacterial Activity, Physico-chemical and Sensory Acceptability of Tempeh added with Selected Spices Powder Khairina Khairul, Azizah Othman
22 Residential Roles and Levels of Practice in Food Waste Management Components Nik Masdek, Nik Rozana and Wong, Kelly Kai Seng
23 Ensuring Food Security and Biodiversity Conservation: The Future of Food in Nepal from a Wildlife Perspective Ganesh Puri
24 Quality and Storage Properties of Fish Sausage with Reduced-sodium Sauce Keum-Il Jang, Seung-Hyeon Cha
25 Lactic Acid Bacteria Profiling and Sensory Evaluation of Tempeh Supplemented with Katuk (Sauropus androgynus L.) Leaves Stella MAGDALENA, Sonia ANGELA 
26 Analysis of Retinol Content in Commonly Consumed Foods in Korea for Food Composition Database Huijin Heo, Jin Ju Park, Minju Gu, Huirim Park, Junsoo Lee
27 Antioxidant and Cytoprotective Activities of Different Solvent Extracts of Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.). Seonghwa HONG, Seungjoo BAIK, Minju AN, Younghwa KIM, Junsoo LEE 
28 Determination of Vitamin E for Korean Food Composition Database Minji KIM, Jin Ju PARK, Mirae HONG, Jeehye SUNG, Junsoo LEE
29 Optimization of Extraction Condition of Phytosterols in Quinoa by Response Surface Methodology Taemin JEONG, Byunghee KIM, Chido WEE, Yesol JEON, Junsoo LEE 
30 Effect Of Fermentation Time Using Rhizopus oryzae On Textural Properties Of Chickpea Tempeh As Dysphagia Food Soo Hyun Kim, Jung Soo Kim, Jiyoon Kim, Kwang-Deog Moon
31 Reduction of Off-flavor and Quality Characteristics of Ginseng-added Muffins Prepared with Different Contents of Gryllus bimaculatus Powder Ji Hye Kim, Jiyoon Kim, Jung Soo Kim, Deokyeong Choe, Jeong-Ho Lim, Kwang-Deog Moon  
32 Screening of Significant Factors Affecting the Phenolic Extraction from Cocoa Bean Shell Keila Cristine B. QUEJADAS, Argel A. LARGADO, Gilda Melanie O. BABARAN, Joseph John C. MENIA, Romel M. FELISMINO, Katherine Ann T. CASTILLO-ISRAEL, and Sheba Mae M. DUQUE
33 Acute Oral Toxicity of Iron Oxide-Chitosan Encapsulated Tea Polyphenols Nanoparticles in Sprague-Dawley Rats Nurul Husna SHAFIE, Amirah Haziyah ISHAK, Che Azurahanim CHE ABDULLAH, Hasnah BAHARI, and Maizaton Atmadini ABDULLAH 
34 Quality Characteristics of Muffins Prepared with Three Types of Soybean Flour Shangle Jiang, Dongwook Kim, SolMi Jeong, Seung-Hyeon Cha, Keum-Il Jang
35 Mineral Content Changes in Aerial Parts of Adenophora triphylla with Different Drying and Blanching Methods SolMi Jeong , Dongwook Kim , Shangle Jiang, Seung-Hyeon Cha, Keum-Il Jang 
36 Effect of Extraction Methods and Times on Quality Characteristics of Aerial Parts of Adenophora triphylla Dongwook Kim, SolMi Jeong, Shangle Jiang, Seung-Hyeon Cha, Keum-Il Jang 
37 Significant Factors Affecting the Production of Strong Alkalized Cocoa Bean Shell Powder John Raphael AUDAL, Jessa GISULGA, Argel LARGADO, Joseph John MENIA, Romel FELISMINO, Katherine Ann CASTILLO-ISRAEL and Sheba Mae DUQUE
38 Portable electrochemical biosensor device as point-of-care tool for hazardous chemical detection in aquaculture Erna Mutiara MASDEK, Faridah SALAM, Nurul Hidayah AHMAD PUAT, Nur Azura MOHD SAID 
39 PEF as a Complementary Method to Mild Thermal Pasteurization: Inactivation of Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 and Vitamin Retention in Goat Milk Azizah MOHAMAD, Nor Nadiah Abdul Karim SHAH, Alifdalino SULAIMAN, Noranizan MOHD  ADZAHAN

40 Characterization and lipase inhibitory activity of Resin glycosides in the leaves of different varieties of sweet potato Xie Qingtong, Shi Xinmin, Lin Yi, Lu Yuyun, Huang Dejian
41 Valorization of Cocoa Bean (Theobroma cacao L.) Shells: Screening of Significant Factors Affecting pH Response During Light Alkalization Treatment Gisulga, Jessa B., Largado, Argel A., Menia, Joseph John C., Felismino, Romel M., Castillo-Israel, Katherine Ann T., and Duque, Sheba Mae M.
42 Development of RTE snacks made from Rice, Mungbeans and Corn incorporated with turmeric and Horse radish Sevetrim B Torrejos, Carla Gen D. Casumpo, Ria Jayne A. Tabinas
43 Effects of Isolated Pea Protein on Honeyed Red Ginseng Manufactured by 3D Printing for Patients with Dysphagia Jiyoon Kim, Jung Soo Kim, Inju Nam, Jeong-Ho Lim, Kwang-Deog Moon 
44 High Pressure and Thermal Processing of Pineapple Mango Juice Blend: Effect on Enzyme Inactivation, Antioxidant Activity and Total Phenolic Compounds Nurul Ashikin Md Hazmi, Alifdalino Sulaiman 
45 Effects of different oils and fats in the juiciness and taste in plant-based meat patties. Amelia Najwa AHMAD HAIRI, Nurul Shamimy Filza FADZLI, Norliza SAPARIN, Ahmadilfitri MD NOOR
46 Microbiological Risk Profile of Bivalve Shellfish in the Philippines Abigail S. RUSTIA , Crisanto M. LOPEZ , Erniel B. BARRIOS, Dennis D. TANAY , Patricia Mae M. LAGAZON,  Juan Carlo G. GOSILATAR, Leslie Michelle M. DALMACIO
47 Effect of Pea Protein with Different Ultrasonication Times on Quality Characteristics of Whipped Cream Insun Kim, Jiyoon Kim, Jung Soo Kim, Kwang-Deog Moon
48 Production Technology of Ginger Puree Mohd Ramli, Sharifah Hafiza., Azizan, Saiful Azwan., Hasbullah, Hasmin Hakim., Rahim, Afiqah Aina., Mohd Amin Tawakkal, Mohd Hafiz., Abd Rahman, Ahmad Fadhlul Wafiq., Abdul Karim, Faewati., and Zainol Abidin, Mohd Zaimi.
49 Adoption of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrophotometry for Total Chlorine Level Monitoring in Palm Oil Yih Phing Khor, Nur Azwani Ab Karim, May Yin Mei Thang, Norliza Saparin, Maizatul Putri Ahmad Sabri, Sharon Ee Lynn Ng, Syed Mohd Hadi Syed Hilmi, Syahril Anuar Md Rejab, Dalina Adan, Chew Hui Pung, David Ross Appleton, Huey Fang Teh
50 Functionality of Squash (Cucurbita moschata D.) Flour in Meat Products Hernandez, Mary May, Luna, Myrna Benita
51 Quality Characteristics of Hybrid Chicken Nuggets: Effects of isolated rice, pea, and soy proteins Jiyoon Kim, Jung Soo Kim, Jinsu Sung, Kwang-Deog Moon
52 Water Kefir Solution as an Acidulant for Pickled Green Papaya Del Castillo, Essence Jeanne L., Acbang, Len Arrianne T., Caco, Lincoln Lemuel B., Caramba, Margarette Ricah V., Lacanilao, Janilla Mae B., Ubaldo, Charlize Anne P.
53 Development of Plant-Based Scallop Adductor Muscle Using 3D Food Printing: Effect of Amylose Content and Pasting Properties of Rice Flour Jung Soo Kim, Jiyoon Kim, Yu Min Seo, Gi-Un Seong, Ju-Won Kang, Kwang-Deog Moon
54 Quality Characteristics of Chickpea Aquafaba Mayonnaise with Optimal Processing Technology Jung Soo Kim, Jiyoon Kim, Inju Nam, Kwang-Deog Moon
55 Proximate Nutrient Composition of Waste Watermelon Jessebel V. Gadot Danica Marie B. Aposaga, Jemaica S. Labus
56 Effect of Different Processing Conditions on the Total Phenolic Content and Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Three Cultivars of Watermelon Peels and Rinds Danica Marie B. Aposaga, Jessebel V. Gadot Jemaica S. Labus 
57 Antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of microencapsulated Kluai Tani (Musa balbisiana) Thammarat KAEWMAREE, Areeya TOHTEB, Piyawan BOONYANUPONG, Tanyarat UTAIPAN
58 Preparation and Physicochemical Properties of Kluai Hin (Musa balbisiana) Flour and Its Application for Cracker Thammarat Kaewmanee, Sarinee Awae, Bisri Soison
59 Innovative application of rice-based ingredients in developing cheese analog flavored cakes: An approach to enhance bakery product diversity Daniel NICHOLAS, Hun Pin CHUA, Watt Moey SIAH, Soo Peng KOH, Anie Meng TERESA, Abdul Rahman ZAKARIA, Amran ASHAHIDA, Mohamad HARIYAH, Abdul Rahman NADIA
60 Effects of adding Eggshell powder to bread formulation on physical and nutritional properties Quynh-Dao NGUYEN,Thanh-Truc Thi VO
61 Sago (Metroxylon sagu) Resistant Starches Attenuate Postprandial Blood Glucose Response Sal Hazreen Bugam, King Teck Long, Awang Zulfikar Rizal Awang Seruji, Tiong Wen Ni, Aina Shafiza Ibrahim, Efyza Hashim, Nurleyna Yunus 
62 Potential Effects of Single and Mixed Cultured Jackfruit Beverages in terms of Nutritional Value and Antimicrobial Activity against Selected Foodborne Pathogens Soo Peng Koh, Nur Azlin Razali, Rosmawati Abdullah
63 Relationship of texture profiles analysis and sensory evaluation in boiled pork Apiniharn  Phewphan, Pichawee Ruede, Pattarapon Phuhongsung, Natchaya Sukruengsub, Areeya Hanamchai, Rarisara Impaprasert 
64 Effects of Heat Treatments on Banana (Musa x paradisiaca L) Leaf Used as Traditional Food Packaging for Philippine Lye Treated Rice Cake (Suman sa Lihiya) Myrna Benita Z. Luna, Maria Patricia V. Azanza
65 Optimization of Matrix Effect on the Development of Immunoassay for Fumonisin B1 in Corn Grains Sahira Akmar Zulkepli, Norhafniza Awaludin, Sherryna Jusoh, Nur Azura Mohd Said, Syah Noor Muhammad & Muhammad Rejab Ismail 
66 Modification of Immunosensor-Surface Electrode for High-Reactivity Detection of Marine Biotoxin in Shellfish Norhafniza AWALUDIN, Hazana RAZALI, Nur Azura MOHD SAID, Roziawati RAZALI, Azman AYOB, Faridah SALAM, Sahira Akmar ZULKEPLI & Syah Noor MUHAMMAD
67 Screening Of Bioactive Compound in Young and Old Zingiber officinale (Rosc.) Plant And Its Potential to Be Applied as Value Added Ingredient. Nurzam Ezdiani ZAKARIA, Norra ISMAIL, Syahida MAAROF, Sharizan AHMAD, Saiful Bahri SAARI, Watt Moey, SIAH
68 Shelf-life study of ready to eat Malaysian fish cake (satar) for commercial application Nurzam Ezdiani ZAKARIA, Wan Nur Zahidah WAN ZAINON, Nor Azmah UMAR, Nur Baizura SADOM, Noor Zainah ADZALY, Watt Moey SIAH, Muhammad Ramdhan ADDMAN, Nor Afiqah SUGERNO and Mohamad Saifuddin OMAR
69 Aflatoxin M1 Contamination in Raw Buffalo Milk: A Potential Food Safety Issue in Malaysia Rashidah Sukor, Aimie Syahirah Ibrahim, Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin, Aliah Zannierah Mohsin 
70 Forecasting Demand of Shallot in Malaysia Using Moving Average Method: Analysis of Import Supply and Future Population Increase Suhana Safari,  Wan Rozita Wan Ngah, Mohamed Hafiefi Basir, Nur Syafini Ghazali, Suhanna Ahmad , Muhammad Syafiq Ahmad Dani
71 Addition of copra meal to wheat flour for the development of high-fiber bread: Effects on physical and nutritional properties Quynh-Dao NGUYEN, My-Ngan Thi NGUYEN
Faculty of Food Technology, Saigon Technology University, Vietnam
73 Nitrite Level Screening of Philippine Branded Processed Meat using a Verified AOAC 973.31 Method Isaiah U. Sta. Ana, Ma. Rachel V. Parcon, John Cyrus O. Alfaro, Michael S. Lagmay, Cherrylean B. Bembenuto, Leonard M. Montero, Anina S.J. Medel, Gladys Ann B. Bautista
74 Studying On pH Sensor Ink Based On Anthocyanin Extract From Clitoria ternatea For Fish Freshness Monitoring An Ta Le Quoc, Tri Le Cao, Vi Pham Ngoc Lan, Huong Luu Mai 
75 Valorisation of Food Waste via Subcritical Water Treatment Farah Saleena TAIP, Nur Hasanah HARUN,Siti Mazlina MUSTAPA KAMAL, Alifdalino SULAIMAN, Rosnita A TALIB. 
76 Effect of Different Carrier-Agent Combinations on the Moisture Content and Water Activity of Spray-Dried Philippine Wild Raspberry (Rubus rosifolius Linn.) Palomeno, Antonio Jr. M. and Villarino, Casiana Blanca J.
77 Chickpea and Mung Bean Protein: Functionality of Commercial and Laboratory Isolates HALIM, Celyne and LOVEDAY, Simon M. 
78 Impact of Food Security on Human Development in Malaysia: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Abu Hassan SITI NURATHIRAH, Suhaimee SYAHRIN, Wan Ngah WAN AZMAN-SAINI 
79 High Calcium Kale Effect on Dough and Bread Quality Khairunizah Hazila KHALID, Mohammad Abid AHMAD, Watt Moey SIAH, Nur Ilida MOHAMAD, Rawaida RUSLI, Syahida MAAROF, Nur Elyana NOORDIN, and Masnira MOHAMMAD-YUSOFF
80 Assessing Physicochemical Properties and Sensory Acceptance of Palm Olein Oleogel Cake Ab Wahab, Noorakmar, Dihine, Rmilah, Bahauddin, Ahmad Riduan, Mamat, Hasmadi & Pindi, Wolyna
81 Heat Sterilization Treatment to Prolong Laksam’s Shelf Life
Khairunizah Hazila KHALID, Wan Nur-Zahidah WAN-ZAINON, Watt Moey SIAH, Nur Ilida MOHAMAD, and Rawaida RUSLI
82 Optimisation of the Rheological Properties, Emulsifying and Encapsulation Capabilities of Sonicated K-Carrageenan Hydrogel Beads Wu Dong-Yan GOH, Li Choo CHONG 
83 Improving nutritional quality of curly kale: Red-blue lighting spectrum and calcium enrichment in plant factory Syahida MAAROF, Mohammad Abid AHMAD, Masnira MOHAMMAD YUSOFF and Nur Syafini GHAZALI
84 Physicochemical Properties and Antioxidant Activity of Spray-Dried Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Juice Powder Siti Faridah MOHD AMIN, Tanujaa YAVANATHAN

85 Sabah Volcanic Sweet Pineapple
Evenni POILI,  Hedrmes JOSEPH, Dyg. Nur Fashareena DATU MD. NOOR and Justina ROLLAND. 
86 Vacuum-Packaged Blanching Pre-treatment for Calamansi Waste Boon Jen Lee, Yin Yin Thoo, Lee Fong Siow
88 The Potential of Avocado as a Commercial Food Crop in Malaysia. Hermes JOSEPH, Evenni POILI and Dyg. Nur Fashareena DATU MD. NOOR
89 Effect of Different Inoculum Size and Incubation Period on Culture during VitAto Fermentation Aminuddin Hussin, Shaiful Adzni Sharifudin, Musaalbakri Abd Manan, Amsal Abd Ghani and Aida Hamimi Ibrahim 
91 The Influence of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Parameters of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch on the Production of Bacterial Cellulose by Komagataeibacter xylinus Strain Fabiana FRANCIS, Nurul Aqilah Mohd ZAINI
92 Microbiological Quality of Green Mussels (Perna viridis) in Cavite and Pangasinan, Philippines Patricia Mae M. LAGAZON, Abigail S. RUSTIA, Erniel B. BARRIOS, Casiana Blanca J. VILLARINO, Crisanto M. LOPEZ, Dennis D. TANAY, Juan Carlo G. GOSILATAR, Leslie Michelle M. DALMACIO
93 Development and Marketability of a Vacuum-fried Mixed Orange and Purple Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.), Banana (Musa acuminata × balbisiana var. Cardaba), and Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophylus) Chips Crieta, Bince Russo, Imbas, Donnalyn, Prevendido, Hazel,
Saporas, Maribeth, Garcia, Karleen, Ramos, Christina , and Sales, Anthony 
94 Development and Marketability of Ready-to-eat Tuna Congee Imbas, Donnalyn, Crieta, Bince Russo, Prevendido, Hazel, Saporas, Maribeth, Vizcayno, Aivey, Ramos, Maria Christina, Sales, Anthony
95 Physicochemical Properties and Sensory Acceptance of Watermelon Fruit Rolls-Up Nur Farah Hani MUHAMAD, Noor Zainah ADZALY, Madzlan KASRAN, Hasnisa HASHIM, Watt Moey SIAH, Chin Chuang TEOH, Masniza SAIRI, Adawiyah AKBAR, Norman ISMAN, Mohd Fakhri HASHIM, Hairiyah MOHAMAD, Khairol Nadia ABD HALIM, Nurul Nabilah MOHD FITERI
96 Stable Isotope and Multi-Elemental Analyses of Philippine Cacao Beans (Theobroma cacao L.) using IRMS and XRF for Geographical Origin Identification Nikkaela Mae S. CANCERAN, Dianna Joy R. INGALLA, Madel M. PINEDA, Joelle Ivane B. ROJAS, Emmanuel V. GARCIA
97 Sabah Tarap (QTRP1) as New Crop with Commercial Potential Dg. Nur Fashareena Datu Md. Noor, Suffian Muhammad, Hermes Joseph, Evenni Poili
98 Stable Isotope and Multi-Elemental Analyses of Philippine Arabica Coffee (Coffea arabica) using IRMS and XRF for Geographical Origin Identification Gines, Krizzia Rae, Francisco, Maria Beatrice, Alora, Adrian Justine, Garcia, Emmanuel  
99 Introduction of New Promising Durian Variety Grown at Quoin Hill, Tawau, Sabah Dg. Nur Fashareena binti DATU MD NOOR, Nur Diyana binti YUSOFF and Evenni POILI
100 Disaster Resiliency: The Development of Ready-to-eat Food Products for Children Aged One to Five Years Old Ramos, Maria Christina, Japay, Mercedita, Montejo, Paolo Chirho,
Autentico, Michelle, Go, Cyrin, Manuta, Jesse, Pijano, Vicente Antonio III
101 Sustainable production of gluten free tigernut pasta and analysis of its functional and physicochemical characteristics Sagar Pandappa Kalahal, Jenshinn Lin
102 The Effects of Multi-carbohydrase Enzyme Treatment on Sweet Potato Physicochemical Properties and Beta-Carotene Content Amsal Abd Ghani, Aida Hamimi Ibrahim, Hasnisa Hashim, Aminuddin Hussin, Nur Syafiqah Nadhra Ramli
103 A Pyrethroid Paper-based Analytical Device For Pesticide Detection In Vegetables John Julius P. MANUBEN, Amelia B. HIZON-FRADEJAS
104 Washing Treatments to Remove Human Pathogens from Leafy Vegetable Blanche Franchette LLERA, Alyssa Faye CAPACIO, Jennifer EKMAN, Mark BRADBURY
105 Screening of Factors Affecting the Extraction of Soluble Dietary Fiber from Cocoa Bean Shell Sheba Mae M. DUQUE, Argel A. LARGADO, Joseph John C. MENIA, Romel M. FELISMINO, Katherine Ann T. CASTILLO-ISRAEL
106 In silico Screening of Potential Bioactive Peptides from Spent Arabica Coffee (Coffea arabica) Beans Storage Proteins Bernadette L. Clarito, Rowena Grace R. Sanchez
107 Effect Of Yeast Extract With Kokumi Substances On Sensory Characteristics And Hedonic Perception Of Chicken Nugget Donut. Pichawee Ruedee, Apiniharn Phewphan, Preeyaporn Kidsom
108 In silico study on the allergenicity of underutilized legumes in the Philippines Julie Dianne D. USARAG, Rowena Grace R. SANCHEZ
109 Characterization of local sweet potato starches Hasnisa HASHIM, Noor Fadilah MOHD BAKRI, Sharina SHAMSUDIN & Nurul Nabilah MOHD FITERI
110 Physical and chemical properties of Saccharum edule Juice Powder Hasnisa HASHIM, Sharina SHAMSUDIN, Raja Arief Deli RAJA NASHARUDDIN & Nurul Nabilah MOHD FITERI
111 Study on system responses of a twin-screw extruder by changing its process variables Shang-Wen Chung, Po-Shou Pan, Jenshinn Lin
113 Morphological and Yield Screening of Bambara Groundnut Accessions (Vigna subterranea) Grown in Two Different Soil Types Shafie, NAAS, Fazlyzan, Asiah, Zulkhairi, A. Mohd Zulkhairi , I. Nor Asiah, M. Razali, K. Maya Izar, M. S. Muhammad Shafie, A. Fazlyzan,
114 IN VITRO EVALUATION OF PROBIOTIC PROPERTIES OF LACTIC ACID BACTERIA FROM TEMPOYAK Nurul Aqilah Mohd Zaini, Nurul Huda Harun, Norfaizah Mohamad Kudus, Nur Afiqah Azhan
115 Effect of Enzyme Treatment (Flavourzyme) and carrier agents on chemical and physical properties of almond protein-based product Tho Yen G. Nguyen , Ha V.H. Nguyen
116 Nutritional and Antioxidant Activity from Different Accessions of Underutilized Legume (Vigna subterranea) Mohd Zulkhairi AZID, Siti Aisyah MOHD NOOR, Saidatul Aqilah MOHD YUSOF, Nur Daliana YUSOF, Razali MIRAD, Muhammad Shafie MD SAH, Nor Asiah ISMAIL, Maya Izar KHAIDIZAR, Fazlyzan ABDULLAH
117 Modelling coffee extraction during brewing Nur Hamizah ABDUL GHANI, Farah Saleena TAIP, Diyanah Nabihah MOHD SHAFEK, Muhammad Hanif ROSLY
118 Chlorogenic Acid, Caffeine and Antioxidant Properties in Different Clones of Green and Roasted Liberica Coffee Bean Extracts Mirfat AHMAD HASAN SALAHUDDIN, Rosalizan MD SALEH, Norma HUSSIN, Syahira NASARUDIN, Muhammad Faris MOHD RADZI, Zulkifli ABDUL RAHMAN and Zaulia OTHMAN
119 Utilization of Mango (Mangifera indica L. cv. Carabao) Kernel Flour as Wheat Flour Substitute for Cake Formulation Shaina Tiu Satinitigan
120 MARKET SOLUTION AND STRATEGY FOR AGRICULTURAL TRADE: CRYOGENIC FROZEN JACKFRUIT Roslina binti Ali, Suhana Safari, Siti Nurathirah Abu Hassan, Nur Azlin Razali, Joanna Cho Lee Yeng and Muhammad Hakimi Harun
121 Microbiological Quality Assessment of Smoked Meat and Fresh Seaweed During Storage Study Upon High Pressure Processing Raja Arief Deli RAJA NASHARUDDIN, Zuwariah ISHAK, Tun Norbrillinda MOKHTAR, Aida Hamimi IBRAHIM
122 Micropropagation of Banana (Musa sp.) Cultivar ‘Berangan’ and ‘Saba’ Using Male Flowers Justina ROLLAND, David JOHNNY
123 Introduction of Taro Varieties to Local Farmers to Improve Food Security Ariffin, Zulhairil, Ismail, Nor Asiah, Muhd Rusli, Nurshahidah, Mohd Nordin, Anuar Rasyidi, Azid, Mohd Zulkhairi, Bustam, Suryanti, Abdullah, Fazlyzan, Jajuli, Rosliza, Hashim, Nuradni, Mohd Norizam, Fatin Nabilah, Khairul Fuaad, Riyadhthusollehin
126 Influence of Preparation Methods on the Antioxidant Activity of Saba Banana (Musa acuminata Colla x Musa balbisiana Colla (ABB Group)) Leaves Used as Food Contact Material Richelle Jeanine DELOS REYES
127 Development of a Perception-Based Marketing Framework for Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Calamansi Juice Drink Enterprises in the National Capital Region, Philippines John Ray DIONISIO, Jin Mark PAGULAYAN
128 Consumer behavior towards rabbit meat and its potential as pork alternative Roselle Niña F. BANAWA
129 Coconut Sports Powder: Development, Characterization And Sensory Evaluation Swee Tee Thed, Yong Ling Woo

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