Call For Papers

  • Complete abstract should be uploaded before 31st October 2023
  • Extended abstract accepted will be published in e-proceeding.
  • For enquiries on technical papers please contact:

    Please use the following abstract template to prepare your abstract.

    Abstract Template

Abstract Preparation Guidelines

  1. Title:
    • Capital for first letter of each word.
    • Scientific name should follow the rules of scientific naming (Capital for the first letter of Genus, italicised).
  2. Author’s name:
    • Last name or surname, given name
      • Example:
      • Last name (Tan), given name (Lin) à See Lin Tan
      • Last name (Faudzi), given name (Hanis) à See Hanis Faudzi
      • Last name (Smith), given name (John) à See John Smith
    • Superscript alphabet (a ,b, c, d) after the name for the affiliation
    • “*” for the corresponding author after superscript alphabet
    • Underline the presenting author for conference
  3. Affiliation:
    • Address should be complete for each of the affiliations
    • New line for each of the affiliations i.e., the superscript alphabet should be at the beginning of the address.
  4. Corresponding author:
    • *Corresponding author email:
    • Remove the underline or hyperlink
    • Maximum TWO corresponding authors.
  5. Abstract body (in 1 paragraph)
    • Abstract should be maximum 200 words.
    • No reference or citation should be included
    • Abstract should contain four (4) main elements:
      • Purpose (25%): Clearly define the purpose and importance of your research. This includes a statement of the problem or issue.
      • Methodology(25%): State the research methods used to answer your question.
      • Results (35%): Summarize the main research results.
      • Conclusion (15%): What are the implications of your research?
  6. Keywords:
    • maximum of 5 keywords that will assist in the cross-indexing of the article.

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